July 18, 2013

Bristol Collaboration

Creative Director of Arts magazine Bristol Collaboration.

Project included Magazine concept and development, identity design, logo, stationary set, website design and magazine design and edit.


Covers for the first edition (graffiti was the theme) where graffitied as large boards then cut to size and used as covers, the magazine was blotted together using screws rather than traditional binding.

DSC_0062-220x150 IMG_3948-150x150 DSC_0019-150x150

Logo was developed to have two distinct fonts, using typography to reveal the dual nature of the project. Independent freelancers, students and graduates coming together to work and gain experience of the magazine industry in an ethical and nurturing environment.

The word collaboration became the uniting footer throughout the magazine to bring all designs together and ensure the project looked cohesive.

DSC_0328 DSC_0322 DSC_0316 DSC_0314

The website is bold and engaging and features role over buttons capitaling on the dual font identity.


website    bristolCollaboration-220x150

Logo was used in stencil form to create artwork for the launch party.


Feature – graffiti


Index at the back of the magazine with contributors contact details and page references to their work